Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Flume

This was Nick and my first attempt at the Flume on the Lower Wind and we both cleaned it. We were with a medium size group and all but one IKer ran it. The drop was fun and I managed to miss the F U rock near the top right above the big hole. Mysef about to drop into the big hole. One of my worries about this drop was one; I had seen a few people get worked here and only seen one really good line, and two; It looked like if you flipped you would be pushed into a sieve at the bottom. My second worry was eased when I saw someone go right into the sieve upside down and come out after only a second or two (this is the first person who runs the Flume in the video, I lifted the camera because I wanted to see better). First paddler crashing into rock followed by being upside down in the sieve In the end I was really glad I ran it, even with a broken backband:) Eric punching the bottom hole Our lines were all good at Beyon Limits. Nick and I run Beyond Limits We then continued downstream and ran the falls three times, my camera was starting to get wet so no video of the falls, next time I guess. Here is the video.

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