Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grays River

We ran the Grays River Saturday with the ORT group and a few kayakers from Seattle. It was a great level for a first trip and a good kayak level. It was a little low for the rafts though. Superbowl was Super fun and Picnic was pretty manky but still fun. The first gorge was class four and had some wood but was really fun.
Theron about to plug under the branch in front of him. Dave and Matt in the first gorgeSeattle boater driving left at Superbowl.ORT crew chargin Superbowl.Neil taking the center line.John drops the ledge in superbowl.John dropping into the turbulent second drop.Seattle boater resurfacing in the second hole.I dont have time for a full report but I got a video to put up.
ORT dropping into Picnic.The gorge Picnic drops into.
Take out near an old covered bridge


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Nick and Alex snowboarding in Utah.