Thursday, February 15, 2018

Siyeh Creek; Glacier National Park

Photo: Priscilla Macy

 This run passes through 4 bodies of water, all would be worthwhile on their own.  You start on Siyeh Creek which has loads of slides, paddle that to the confluence with Reynold's Creek as a transition to gorges and ledges happens, then paddle that to the St Mary's River that has more open whitewater ending in a powerful waterfall, shortly after floating onto St Mary's Lake where the beauty is epic.  This makes for a diverse paddling experience, one of my favorite days of adventure boating to date, bring your bear spray.

Photos: Priscilla Macy


Here is some flow research that might help anyone interested in making the trip


 We had about 150 cfs on June 29, 2017

 These guys had 70 cfs on July 8, 2016

These guys had 300-400 cfs in early June, 2017


We put in at Siyeh Bend: 48.7017, -113.6676
And took out near Baring Falls at the boat dock on St Mary Lake: 48.6757, -113.5942
And walked the trail up to our car at Sunrift Gorge: 48.6785, -113.595
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