Monday, November 21, 2011

Hagen Update

With heavy rains on Wednesday night, I was able to bust out from work early on Thursday and got in a quick run down Hagen Gorge. Andrew Bradley and I started the hike around 1:45 and took off the NF Washougal at the first bridge before 4 oclock. Happy to report that the gorge is clean of any nasty wood. The log at the bottom of Euphoria Falls is still there, but is still easily avoidable. As was reported last year, the jam/dam at the top of the gorge is nastier than ever. With a good flow, it would be very easy to get flushed into the logs. I managed to catch a small one boat eddy on the left, but it involved grasping onto bushes and a sketchy exit from my boat. Andrew basically drove up onto the gravel bar in the center of the river and had to ninja move out of his boat on the fly. Be careful approaching this hazard and eddy out early. Other than that, the trip was a blast. Having missed out on this creek last season, I was happy to get back on and remind myself how much I love the Hagen Gorge.

 -Nate M.
There is another put in that avoids this sketchy move altogether and puts you in 50 yards below the log deck, at the start of the gorge.

Some past Hagen Goodness from Andrew.