Saturday, March 12, 2011

New hazard in Hagen Gorge

I just saw this post on PDXkayaker so thought I would throw in my idea for an alternative approach.

New Significant Hazard on Hagen Gorge
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The man-made log dam on Hagen Gorge has changed. It seems the bottom of the dam blew out. There is no longer a pool from which you can start the portage. The river now drains into a very large mess of strainers and there aren't any sizable eddies directly upstream. Proceed carefully and hop out earlier than you might have done before.

The portage is trickier as well but still doable.

  ~Dave Hoffman
Euphoria Falls 
photo: Matt King

To avoid the logdeck and make for an easier hike use this map...

View Hagen gorge in a larger map

and follow the directions at the end of this report.


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