Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return of the Duck: A low water attack on BC

Growing up across the street from each other, Nick and I had many adventures during the high school years.  Last year Nick first approached me with the idea of a trip to Canada and a possible return into paddling for himself.  I was stoked on the idea and when it fell into place to make the trip this September I was sold.  Nick got into a boat once this summer on the Provo river in Utah before the trip, and before that a 3 year hiatus.  Confident in our ability to work as a team, we set a pretty ambitious schedule of class IV-V runs using low water to our advantage. Nick would be using an IK (the duck) so we would use the morning of our second day as a warm up, and it would be pretty much game on from there out.

 Day 1

   - Drive north and check a couple park and hucks (too low)
   - Deal with the class five mank that is Vancouver, BC
   - Camp near Whistler

Day 2

   - Cheakamus in the morning
   - Callaghan in the afternoon

Day 3

   -Rogers Creek
   - Skookumchuck hotsprings

Day 4

   -Drive to Wells Grey, try to get clean

Day 5

   - Mahood River

Day 6

   - Upper Clearwater

Day 7

   - Lower Clearwater
   - Drive home

This is obviously a lot to cover, so I will write these in installments of each day.  Some quick teaser shots..

Below the triple on Rogers
Driving along Lilloet Lake
Shawn lines up on the Clearwater

Bailey Chute on the Clearwater.
Nick at the lip of the famous Callaghan Falls.
Manifestation camp.

Tune in next week for more BC goodness!