Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mexico: Part II, Lower Jalacingo

Here is the 2nd edit from our recent trip to the Veracruz region of Mexico. We bagged the Jalacingo on our last day in the region before heading back state side. The run itself wasn't as difficult as I had pictured it to be especially given the high water, but it was incredibly fun. Countless boofs of all shapes and sizes featured prominently and the run was locked inside a tight bed rock gorge. Most folks chose to hike in below the two top drops (60 foot Twisted Pleasure and 40 foot Dirty Sanchez.) We would have done the same, but no one one in our group had done the run before... so we botched the hike-in and ended up dropping in above this section. I'll tell you right now that the portage around these big waterfalls is taxing, to say the least, but the drop that we earned by putting in up top was one of the better water falls of the entire trip. A clean 20 and change with a late boof into a walled in cathedral. In my book, it was worth the hike back out of the canyon and around the biggens. The 2nd to last drop shown in the video is directly below Dungeon and is worth a second look when scouting. The two paddlers who tried to ride the toung (what looks like the best line) were both caught in the boil, resulting in one blown skirt and subsequent swim. Dan and I ran the far left side and had better results. Dungeon is a sweet looking waterfall, but after 45 minutes spent dilliberating, we ended up portaging. Looking back on it, I really wish I'd run the twisting 30 footer. It's a very unique drop and is 100% good to go. Our issue lied in the run-out from the waterfall as we couldn't see where the majority of the current was going (from our vantage, it looked to be flowing into a nasty undercut). We learned later that this hazard isn't nearly as bad as it looks from 90 feet up in the air. Oh well, I've got something to go back too.


Nate Merrill

Lower Jalacingo from Nate Merrill on Vimeo.

2nd Edit from our January 2014 trip to Veracruz, Mexico. We ended up paddling the Lower Jalacingo on our last day in Tlapacoyan. Most everyone had cleared out from Tlap after the race and we were looking to paddle one last section before heading back state side. Everyone said that it would be a supremely bad idea to attempt the Upper Jala without a guide, so we opted to try the Lower section and figure things out for ourselves. After botching the hike-in and portaging around the 'Twisted Pleasure' 'Twisted Pleasure' series, we were treated to countless ledges and amazing scenery. Boof's for days. The lower Jala served as the perfecting ending to our Mexico vacation.

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