Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day at meadows

A day at meadows
We headed up to Meadows on a nice clear day and took a few pictures. At one point I went over a rope that had been knocked down to drop a ledge. It turned out to be safety day and I got my pass marked for the infraction. Too bad, we still got a few good pictures of the poached ledge.
Nick drops the Daisy ledge.
I drop the ledge
On this day we found a couple of ledges near the top of Daisy.
Nick drops the one that is visible from the lift.
Then a couple smaller ones on the canyonish run on cascade chair.

Alex drops one of the small ledges while Nick looks on. Then we found a nice powder turn spot.

Overall a great day on the Mountain. It seems that everytime I have gone up this year the conditions have been optimal. This was a pretty good winter and I am looking forward to the Spring season.


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