Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Name Change

I changed the name of the blog do to the fact that I am no longer in high school. I have started college at Western Oregon University. I don't know if the new name fits, but it is going to be the new name. I also think the picture fits. Credit goes to Aubrey Russell for the picture.
Here are some pictures of Lower Lewis falls at low water and high water.  
high water taken in June low water taken in September
And Upper Lewis falls.  They have both been run this high, though the Lower looks a lot worse to me at this level.
and this is the Upper falls the day we ran it.
all photos by Aubrey Russell


Pete said...


I like the title photo. And, I know exactly where that is! ;)

pete g

The Commander said...

It's the perfect name with the perfect picture to go along with it. Good luck in college.