Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eagle Creek

We had an epic day up on Eagle creek saturday.  This mission was about the first raft descent of Eagle Creek.  The day was led by Hans Hooman who did all the legwork and made the calls to get this together.  He was kind enough to share his descent with the group and we all had a super fun day.  Everything except Metlako and the narrow cascade below it got run.  Here are some teaser pics, I will have more up this week including the full report, video, and pictures.
all photos by Paul Thomson
                                            myself probing Skoonichuck                 First known raft decent of Skoonichuck falls in a raft.                      First legitimate raft attempt at Punchbowl falls.
all  photos by Paul Thomson


Pete said...


You might want to talk to the guys at Andy and Bax or look at the pics in the basement. There are some pics of them running Punchbowl in a variety of craft. Not sure if one is a raft or not.


Jacob said...

uh oh, I will do that. Thanks for the heads up.

Jacob said...

I emailed Andy and Bax and they said the closest thing they have to a raft is an IK going off it. So it sounds like the claim is still good.

danjocash said...

Nice job. I guide rafts on the Black River in New York and we've rafted the Bottom Moose River, but nothing quite as vertical as these! I think Agers Falls is a 18 footer, that's as close as we got. Way to give'er!