Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mesa Falls (raft)

Dan has done it again.  Not a first D (though I imagine no one has R1 the first drop), but still amazing.  The run went very smooth according to him, and the pictures confirm the story.  Check it out.
  Getting set up at the top. All photos by Ümit Yüksel
Dan doing what he does best. R1 descent of the upper tier. With his buddy back in the boat, together they drop the second falls. freefall. stuck it. all photos by Ümit Yüksel Dan's percentage of waterfalls cleaned to waterfalls not cleaned is baffling.  He has a one hundred percent success rate on drops 30 ft or more.  Given the type of stuff he is doing this obviously won't last, but it makes you wonder what is possible in these large rubber boats...
It is difficult to see what is going on in this video.  But if you tilt your head just right you can see them go over the second drop about 20 seconds in.

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