Saturday, January 2, 2010

Henline Creek

Ran Henline creek today with Chris Arnold and Ryan Cole. Level@mehama was ~3300 dropping to ~2900. This was a good level, but we could definitely have used more water. I think 3500 and rising would be perfect and not too hairy, definitely cleaner. We all had great lines up top, with some collisions with rock occurring farther downstream. Scout the entire section ahead of time. The best part in my opinion is from where we put in, to the drop just below the bridge. I would just take out there and do another lap if I were to run it again.  Though it was nice to see the entire section of creek.        If you go in there, you might want to bring a small handsaw for the put in drop, especially if there was more water, but we had no problems at all getting through there. Really no wood to be cautious about at this time, although it might be convenient to get rid of a couple branches here and there though. I had a blast on this small creek. If the levels are similar to what we had, you might want to bring your rock boat. Scout everything before you put on (not hard to do), and hike out on a trail on creek right (though this is not the best place to scout from below the bridge). Pretty tame hike to the put in on Creek right though, and you can scout on the way up. -Jacob

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