Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little White Rafting

Dan and Jeff Compton rafted the Little White Saturday. We put in a ways behind Hans and Tom, who were also rafting the run. Cool to see the rafters taking charge! I helped them remember lines and we set safety for each other on the way down. It was a fun run. At the put-in Dan slipped and fell, causing his thumb to really swell up, he didn't make a big deal of it and said it was all good, so we put on.
The raft did really well, hitting a log near the end of getting busy, but not getting stuck. Aside from that they styled everything they ran. Dan fired up Stovepipe R1. We all walked Island and Spirit. We finished the run in good Spirits so to speak, we took our time doing the run, hanging out on the platform at Spirit for awhile and floating through the lake at the take out. I always enjoy taking time on this run, its such an amazing pace. The Columbia must have been lower than usual as we had current all the way to the take out.
The video for Kathy Mccain.
Dan also called me the following Tuesday to say he went to the doctor and the fall he took hiking around the put in area broke his thumb. He is getting surgery on it today(Wed.), and is getting a plate put in there. If anyone wonders how someone can paddle off the things he paddles off, maybe this will shed some light on the type of person he is, he paddled the Little White with a freshly broken thumb! Toughest guy I know.
The Level was 3.2
Life is good.

"LWS Drano"


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