Tuesday, June 1, 2010

McCoy: more smiles than portages

Last weekend Rick and I (Matt) ended up on McCoy creek while Jacob, Nate, and others had an epic on the North Fork Cispus. The creek was rather full of wood, but the portages melted away after all the fantastic drops on this run. It helps that all the good ones are nearly wood-free, but really, the drops are just that good. We were moving pretty fast so I didn't get much for photos, but there are a few good ones. Rick on the pothole drop. It'd be good to bring a saw for this one, but we both manage to avoid it with a high speed duck. This drop is fun, but downstream is where the real goods start to materialize, with a grand finale of this nice waterfall. Rick blasts off. After the goods you have to portage this beast. If the pictures look bad to you, you should see the lead in. Makes this part look easy, logs and all. We roped the boats up the hill to start the portage, then followed a path that Rick knew down to a little finger of land that doesn't require any repelling. After you get up to the flat part, walk about 100 yards then go downhill. The path is just downstream of a sweet slide. After checking out the beast, we both enjoyed the no-brainer slide. A nice way to cool off after working through the portage. Soon after we were at the confluence with yellow jacket and on our way to hot spiked cider from the nice couple camped at the take out.
cispus@Randle ~2,000