Monday, November 15, 2010

Pdxfilmfest 2010/new blog

Here is my video from the 2010 film fest. It features a lot of rafting footage. Jeff Compton is in most of these shots and has started his own blog at Be sure to check it out. First post is on the first documented raft descent of Opal Gorge. They also smashed the myth once and for all that you cannot portage Undertaker on the left in the rain as they did it with two rafts... Not that it should be taken lightly, but it is very doable.
enjoy the video.

3rd edition from Jacob Cruser on Vimeo.

And remember to check out the blog



Trifelife said...

The url is actually

Thorn said...

so friggin awesome guys blow me away. Sup NM?!

Jacob said...

Thanks for the support Adam. Hope all is well.