Friday, June 3, 2011

Wiki Creek #1 photo drop

Trip report is here if you have not read that yet.

The view from the put in.  
(all photos on this page by Matt King)
 Entering the first canyon via the first defined rapid.

This ledge is just above a stout gorge that has yet to be run to my knowledge.  The eddy you want to catch to scout and portage is the one visible below me on the left side of the picture.

The first of two V+ moves in the major gorge on the run.  

 The pool separating the entrance and exit to the major gorge.  Classic PNW water color.

 The waterfall rapid below the gorge we portaged.  The water pushes pretty hard into the undercut on the left, so take a good look if you run the lead-in ledge.

 Fun in North Siouxon.

 Scouting "Smokin' Aces" with the large river left wall domineering the scene.

Dropping into the second boulder garden in the Smokin' Aces series.

 A critical stroke.

 Finishing up the second boulder garden in the Smoking' Aces series.

Lovin' life!
(all photos by Matt King)



Ryan said...

Awesome buddy. That looks like a sweet run.

Jacob said...

Oh it was.