Friday, April 26, 2013

The Whole Benham (Triple Crown)

Mr. Scotty Baker put together this sweet little edit for the Bend Adventure Film Festival, featuring much Benham rafting, some good k1 and k2 action (which you may have already seen), and of course, some solid carnage. 

Scotty and I had talked long and hard about the challenge of doing a rapid in different crafts, in the spirit of being an all-around waterman.  We both like to raft, kayak, canoe, sup, surf, tube, etc and thought it would be awesome to take on Benham in as many crafts as possible.  Last summer we got the triple crown; Benham by raft, k2, and k1, in that order, at peak flows.  It was awesome.  We talked about the sup run, but the van-sized whole in the middle of the rapid, plus the death log at the bottom made things a little scary.  Maybe next summer!

Anyway, enjoy the fresh edit!

Benham Rapids from baker scott on Vimeo.

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