Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Next Adventure Western Whitewater Championship Series (WWCS) results are in.

Into the outside's own Nate Merrill took 3rd overall (tied for 2nd with points) in the West Coast Championship Series this year. The only weekend warrior on the podium for Men K1!

Come watch the award ceremony at Next Adventure's PDXKayaker Film Festival on Nov 19th.

Nate starts the EF Lewis leg of the WWCS last year.

And his race on the Wind River in 2013.

From a post on pdxkayaker...

A big thanks to our participants, volunteers and sponsors for making this another successful WWCS and a huge thanks to Tim Brink for organizing it all! 274 kayak competitors and raft teams put on for this year's series, which included 8 events on 9 rivers.

Total points for the top 5 +\- of each event are listed below. These individuals will also be recognized at the upcoming PDX Kayaker Film Festival on Nov 19th.

Full Results at:
www.wwchampionship. org

Check out the Next Adventure Calendar for the film festival details.
www.nextadventure. net

Men R2
Oregon Rafting Team - Jaime Crone and Tim Brink - 17
Daniel Sutherland and Matt Linland - 9
Ben Sigler and Brian Carrington - 8
Jeffery Steehler and Greg Babikoff - 8
Jacob Cruser and Scott Michael - 6

Men R4
Oregon Rafting Team - Tim Brink, Jaime Crone, Daniel Sutherland, Jeffery Steehler - 21
Greg Babikoff, Bryan Carrington, Ben Sigler, Matt Linland - 12
Ark Sharks 1 - 5
Equipo Cascada - 5

Women R4
Red Lady Rafting - 5
Mountain Mamas - 4
Madame Cascade - 3

Men K1
Gerd Serrasoles - 23 
Issac Levanson - 12 
Nate Merrill - 12 
Aniol Serrasoles - 8 
Evan Garcia - 6 

Men Long
Dan Menten - 10 
Ben Marr - 5 
Joe Stumpfel - 5 
Paul Kuthe - 5 

Women K1
Sandra Hyslap - 12 
Nicole Mansfield - 11 
Roberta Grant - 11 
Sara James - 10
Katrina VanWijk - 9


Janice Bell (formerly Keeley)

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