Thursday, February 18, 2016

Middle Fork of the North Fork (MFNF) Trask: Barney's Playpen

Fun levels are about 100 cfs or more coming out of Barney Reservoir, which generally only happens when the reservoir is full (1640.9').  Don't expect to get on this run early in the season as it takes awhile for the reservoir to fill up each winter.  200 cfs is even better!

Put in at the confluence with Coffee Creek.  Take out at the confluence with the North Fork of the North Fork Trask (NFNF Trask).

NW Turner Creek Rd and N Fork Trask Rd are open to the public on weekends and access is often possible on week days (as of 2016).

The run has many fun class IV rapids, both bedrock and boulder features.  Moving around on the bank is easy.

110 cfs
 Photo: Pete Giordano

There were two rapids in the mile above the confluence with Elkhorn that had old growth logs requiring extra attention (still runnable and fun-ish).  The run also had a number of alders sprinkled throughout the run, but none that required portaging in Feb 2016.  Be diligent about checking for wood your first time down.

Coming from the Willamette Valley, I have used Turner Road out of Yamhill (Blocked to the public by Weyerhaeuser in Spring 2017, then re-opened in Fall 2017).  You can also come up from the coast, along the NF Trask River Rd.  It is recommended that someone in your group do some rudimentary map-work before heading up there. Coming from the coast you can drive up along the Trask itself.  For help locating the put in spur and trail to the Coffee Creek confluence, remember that C is for Coffee and coffee is orange.

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The take out for the MFNF is the same as the put in for this run.

Put in spur: Drive to its end, then walk back a short ways down the road to find the access trail.

Thanks Pete, Nick, Joe, Jesse, Mark and Priscilla for helping suss out the particulars of this run.


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