Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sweet Ride, Sweet Toss

This video of Sweet Creek may show what is one of the key differences between being a kayaker who can run class V, and being a class V kayaker.  Ben's ride gave me some cause for reflection, would I stay in my boat in that scenario?  I'd like to say yes, but in reality I think not.

The other side of the story, that's an easy toss with a throw rope if viewed as an observer.  Though how many times have we seen in video or person someone miss a similar toss because they were distracted by the moment or hadn't practiced much?  Clinton came through nearly as big here as Ben did.

Both Clinton and Ben showed they have that little extra something that is required to get the job done when things go wrong and the pressure is on, something that is hard to practice.  Good on you guys.

Rambling aside, this video offers some insight into what can go awry in paddling, and how those wrinkles were handled this time around.

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