Friday, July 21, 2017

Yellowstone Creek

Yellowstone Creek is a small tributary to Quartzville Creek, if you have run Upper Quartzville Creek you have crossed over this one.  Ben Mckenzie's brother had told him about a small waterfall on the creek, so a couple times after Quartzville we/I had walked up there to take a look.  It looked like a fun drop, but nothing special so each time we made excuses not to bring our boats up there.  Finally, after finishing a trip on upper Quartzville we were driving by mid-day and just didn't have any more excuses not to walk our boats up and run the falls.

I walked a short distance upstream of the falls while we were there and thought the creek looked runnable, and the next week I received this information from Geoffrey Marcus via the Facebook:  I did some stream surveying up their a few summers back and it had decent gradient... Ive only been about 1/2 mile upstream of the drop, and it was mostly steep boulders. A little bit of bedrock here and there but nothing quite like that drop.

So this creek has joined a long list of other creeks that I may or may not run someday.  There is in fact a logging road that crosses the creek up there and some real gradient.  If you are up for a short adventure, consider checking this one out after a morning on Quartzville some time.

The first half mile drops 280 feet, the rest of the run is in the 250 fpm range.  

This was the flow the day we ran Yellowstone Falls, I think the flow we had would be a good first time flow for exploring the rest of the creek as well.


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