Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Naked falls

One of these days after football Nick, Alex and I decided to go swimming. We don't go swimming like normal kids. We go find places that have features that aren't usually used. This day Nick found a spot on the internet called Naked falls on The Washougal. I had been there before and knew that it had potential. We drove there with a boogie board, an innertube, and life jackets and camera. When we got there we realized just how fun this would be. The normal kayaking line was slideable on the boogieboard which we all stuck multiple times.
Me sliding
and about to drop
and the left side lowhead damish drop was low enough to run, which we cleaned up on for the most part, one or two swims each:).
There was also a 25-30 foot cliff. We spent hours there and didn't get bored.
Alex "seal launching" in

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