Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rock Creek (swimming)

Last week Alex and I went to Rock Creek to go swimming. We decided to start at Heaven and Hell since I already new where it was. I had a little trouble finding it, but as we were driving back I saw the horizon line and it was a short hike to the falls. We had brought inner tubes in hopes that we could slide down some of it and it turned out that we were in luck. The first slot/crack drop that is usually portaged was easily slideable with a fun boof at the end. There was another drop above the crack that was fun. Then the three foot ledge between the two bigger drops was slideable but required landing on a rock ledge and took some consideration. This one was really fast once you hit the shelf and the tubes took most of the impact away(very fun). And here is Alex cleaning the shelf drop. Then a short pool above Heaven and Hell. We then scouted the first ledge in this double drop that is 5+ in terms of kayaking at normal levels.
Alex takes a look.
At this level we could drop the first ledge and get out which is what we did. The ledge only had about 25 cfs in it but the six foot ledge created a powerful drop for the inner tubes. There were more swims here than any of the other drops, we both had a little above a fifty percent success rate. Then we eddied out on the right and ran them all again many times. There was plenty of carnage that occured and some of these videos captured this.
The pictures and video were all taken on Alex's phone so the quality is a little blury.
Steep Creek falls on the drive back.

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