Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little White Mar 7, 2010

Ryan Scott lead Matt King, Steve Cameron and myself down the Little White today. Super fun, and Ryan was a great leader. Glad to get my first Little White run of the season. There is new-ish wood in S-turn this year. There is now wood in the top drop. Still very runnable. The godfather of the Little White ran it, the rest of us walked. Definitely worth a scout if you haven't seen the wood yet. Other than that it seems the same as last year. -------------------------------------------------------------- We ran the left side at enchanted forest for my first time, if you haven't done it before, I recommend trying it at levels over 3 ft as it is very fun. Also did the right side portage of Spirit, which made for a view of the falls I hadn't seen before. ------------------------------------------------ Really a spectacular run. Too much good stuff to talk about. ------------------------------------------------- Level was 3.3 or a touch under. --------------------------------------- -Jacob

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