Monday, March 15, 2010

Rock Creek

The day before Dan ran Money Drop, Matt and the Corvallis crew ran the regular section on Rock Creek. I was planning on joining but ended up getting sick. Anyway, Matt took some cool shots at Heaven and Hell, so I thought I would throw those up.
Rick Cooley running the Drop above Heaven and Hell
(a really awesome drop I might add).

Rick hauling down the waterslide next to Heaven and Hell.

Josh Grabel shoes the speed you have when you hit take flight.

The wood is still there in Heaven and Hell, if anyone wanted to make it so this is no longer the case, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated by many :)
This run is a good option when you get rain, but then the runs start to drop out and you don't know what to run cause you don't think you can take the EF Lewis one more time, but Truss and Little White are higher than you want. Then its time to head to good old Rock creek which has a large drainage than Copper or NF Washougal, so it stays in a bit longer. At the levels I am talking about (around 1000 on EF Lewis), Heaven and Hell are manageable drops and the run in general is low commitment, making for a pleasant day with some really cool features.
Thanks Matt for the pictures. Back to studying for finals for me...

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