Thursday, December 30, 2010

Micro Creeking

When the high water came, I went in search of some micro creeks. I found two. The first is Catherine creek. This one had a nice 12 foot drop and an interesting gorge below. There may be a drop below HWY 14 as well but I didn't look. This next drop was formed where a cow pasture collected a large puddle of water. It then spilled down towards the columbia in a triple drop fashion. The first one is close to unrunnable. The second one has a reconnect that didn't look good to me. So I only ran the third one. The pool was shallow and I pitoned, but it was a fun drop with a fast sliding lead in. I'm not advocating repeating it, but its there. Thanks Pete and dad for watching me plop off these drops, delaying our eventual trip involving actual paddling.
(all photos by Rob Cruser with his cell phone)

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