Friday, January 28, 2011

Canyon creek; From afterwork run to mission training and back again

I started writing this post a couple months ago but never finished.  It seems relevant now so I will finish it up.
Canyon Creek Washington used to be the go to run. When the water came, people went there. After work run? Canyon Creek. I remember I never really like this run because I would always want to go do something new, but I would get duped and sucked into going to Canyon. I always had fun, but would feel I was always missing out on other runs. Why take a risk when you have such a great go to run right there I would hear(a reasonable question). A couple years ago however, the logjam arrived. Most kayakers were devistated. Candles were lit in Downtown Portland and at the take-out to the run. People didn't go outside for days. Calling in sick for work in order to morn. However, secretly I was extatic. Now I could get on all the runs I wanted to get on without Canyon Creek foiling my every move. I have gone the last couple of years without thinking too much about Canyon Creek. I knew some people went in there and portaged the jam, but that didn't seem like a bunch of fun to me, so I steered clear. Late October, 2010, the rains we had been hoping for finally hit. Extravegant plans were made to head up into the mountains in search of unseen waters. We waited for the 3 inches of rain that was forecasted to come. Friday...Saturday...still not more than a tease. Finally, Saturday evening it began to happen. The solid rain came. We hoped, we prayed. It was decided to wait to morning to make the call given the total uncertaintly about water levels. Morning came and it was apparent the rain had began about 8 hours too late to make Sunday a great boating day. People started heading back to the summer runs, or not going at all. Nate and I however, were determined to get on a creek.
We ended up on Canyon creek and I had fun.  I thought the new version was great because it was perfect training for harder exploratory missions, while at the same time had some guaranteed good drops and was a known entity.  We finished the day stoked on a good year to come
Now the Jam is gone and the chants of joy have started.  Everyone is ready to pounce back on the local gem.  I must be the only person disappointed by this turn of events.  Guess I will just have to start going places solo :)

That gives a bit of insight into my thoughts on Canyon Creek.  Now my antagonist is back and I am already trying to calculate how many days of boating I am going to lose to this gem...  

Goodbye my friend, you tried your best.
(Nate Merrill photo)


Disclaimer: Obviously Canyon Creek is an awesome run and I will enjoy getting on it a couple times a year.  Don't think I am trying to trash your favorite run.  Its the consequences of it being such a good run that led to my bitterness towards it.  This was just a satirical version of the recent events on the creek.


GYGK said...

Man, I totally know exactly what you're saying. I think Canyon Creek rules but absolutely gets over-used due to the convenience of it, but then again I think I was just as guilty of going to the L-Dub 90% of the time when I could have gone exploring...hmm...

brian said...

Jacob, you'll have to come out to the open coast this summer when everything is low and scrapy. Caves, creekboats, facemasks and wide open pacific swell, there is so much energy sloshing around out there. It'll blow your mind...