Monday, January 17, 2011

New "Road Rage" rapid on Upper Sandy

Here is a picture my dad took of the upper Sandy during a trip to bring gasoline into some of the stranded people in the Lolo Pass area who needed the fuel for their generators.
Road Rage Rapid.
(photo: Rob Cruser)
And a link to a story and many more pictures.

There was serious flooding and the Sandy hit ~22 ft @Bull Run

Tennis courts that were once about a hundred feet from the river.  I remember taking out here once and hiking up and passing them.  I think my shoulder was starting to feel the weight of the boat by the time I reached these courts.  I doubt that would be the case anymore...
(photo: Rob Cruser)

 Below is a video from the flooding down here near my school.  I have never seen the Little Luckiamute Gauge pass 1,000.  It was over twice that on Sunday.  I headed over there with a couple people from my school with the hope Falls City Falls would be runnable.  I decided it didn't have a line I wanted to take, so seal launched off the 31' (at low water, we have measured it due to a bet) cliff on the right.  The boil from the falls made for a really soft landing and a nice ending to the day.  I then eddied out in the trees and we headed back home.


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