Thursday, December 15, 2011

Third Person Mount

1. Remove all gear in the stern of youre boat and take off rear grab loop , nuts and bolt.
2.  We went to a Ace hardweare and looked around in nuts and bolts for awile picking out the things to use for the mount. We had some scrap sheet metal laying around that we used to connect the nuts and washers. Also it was used for the base and top of the mount where the gopro sits and the mount rests a square peice of quater inch tubing was used to get the height for the mount.
3. Welding the peices together we did not use stainless steel so we painted everything after it was all said and done.  The bracket that the mount connects to we spot welded.
4. Bothe of the pictures show front and back side of bracket we welded. We did this so the bolts do not have to be held on the inside when taking off the mount or putting it on the bolts will not spin on you.
5. We drilled the holes on the boat just alittle bigger so we didnt have to force the bolts in.
6. Measuring the hole distance for both the the mount and bracket.
7.  The flat part of steel that base started out as for the mount we bent with a rubber mallet to form to the outside of the boat.
8. As one person drilled the holes on the mount the other took the back piller out, to put the bracket in.
9. Holes are drilled for the mount put it on and bolt it down. Make sure every thing is done and set with the brackt you may have to bend it up at an angle to get the piller to sit back in its spot.
10. Foam piller is back in make sure it is snug and in the right spot.
11. If you are to set your boat up in this way I would recomend making your bracket peice very strong. The way we set it up is we can innerchange both the mount and the grab loop in a few minutes so you do not have to paddle with the mount for the whole run. Also using a pool toy noodle as a soft out side and leash on the gopro and to help the mount float if it is to get nocked off on the water.

- Andrew

   ~Andrew Bradley

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