Sunday, February 5, 2012

Habitat: The Rafting Film

This is a film Ryan and Hans have been working hard on for years. I have seen a lot of the edited parts and they are really good. This is the type of film whitewater has been lacking for a long time.  Instead of   "browning" and ego boosting, the film dives into explaining the sport; where it started, and how it got where it is now.  It looks at all aspects of the sport, from unforgettable guided overnight trips, to the bonds forged in the tightest canyons of the PNW. Every whitewater boater has been asked why they do what they do, I know for me its difficult to give an answer I am satisfied conveys how I feel. This film captures that answer and so much more.  This film has the best rafting footage ever captured, no question.  It is made in a way that anyone can get into and enjoy whether they boat or not. They need some help, so if you can, give and you shall receive!
 Photo by Javier
   photo Nate Merrill

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