Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Sunshine

With a warm and sunny weekend in the forecast, I spent Friday afternoon trying to decide whether I wanted to spend Saturday kayaking or hiking with some friends around Portland. After checking some water levels, I decided that I could have my cake and eat it to. Eagle creek was to be the destination and the crew was to include both paddlers as well as folks just interested in a long hike in a beautiful place.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, our group had ballooned out to 8 people in all. Kayakers: Dan Rubido, Cruise Control, Andrew and myself. Hikers: Miranda Merrill (sister), Skip Rasmussen, Jordan Fry, and Devin Geddings.

Special thanks go out to the hikers, who were more than willing to help out when it came to carrying paddles, food, water, and various other items that decreased the weight on our backs.

Since we already have a write-up on eagle creek, I'll keep this post fairly short and laden with photos.

The long hike to the put-in. (the hike really wasn't as hard as I predicted)

Photo: Devin Geddings

Lunch time at Punch Bowl Falls

Jacob takes stokes #3 and#4 of the day. Skoonichuck Falls.

Photo: Scott Rasmussen

The hikers (Devin, Skip, Jordan, Miranda)

One of the numerous class IV rapids nestled deep in eagle creek gorge.

Follow the leader!

Jacob with his fans.

Andrew and Dan deep down.

Cruise Control scouting ol' Punchy.

Dan with a picture perfect line off Punch Bowl.

Photo: Andrew Bradley

Worth the hike! Punchbowl video

The first 5 videos(as of Feb 2012) on Richard Lewis Wolf's Youtube account continue the documentation of our trip.

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