Thursday, June 28, 2012

Other reads

We have some new media to get up on the blog here soon, including epic Gopro-meal time from Caitlyn coming at some point.  We have also been getting after some good adventures that will be written up in due time. For now check out these other pages that explore adventure and life in the lesser known reaches of Oregon and the PNW.   -  This is just a link to our recent Wallowa teaser, but exploring the website further will give insight into the people who call this majestic area their home.     -  The most recent story is about a trip my dad was a part of involving a project to boat all stretches of the White River this year.    -  And after a long hiatus, the IK riverlog is back in business for the time being.  Brian is currently writing about their recent trip into the Chetco wilderness.

A quick teaser I am making from our father's day trip


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