Thursday, June 7, 2012

Product Review: K-Bomb Skirt

Product Review
K-Bomb Skirt

The first thing to note about this skirt is the innovative components that are so convenient, yet show the forward thinking that encompasses Bomber’s persona.
The first feature I noticed when I pulled the new product from the package was the buckle on the grab loop.  How this is the first skirt I have seen with this addition is beyond me.  I spend a lot of time scrambling through the woods when kayaking and a skirt is always an inconvenience when it gets caught on sturdy limbs.  Having it attached to the life jacket instead of dangling around your knees eliminates this concern and is much safer than having a carabineer in that location that could get locked in the event of a swim.  

The next, and most obvious, difference between this skirt and other skirts is the water repellent graphic encompassing most of the skirt deck.  The fabric/graphic combo does its job and repels water well, leading to a dryer skirt (less leakage/lighter).  

Here you can see how the K-Bomb repels water, while the other skirt absorbs it.

The seal is made from a band instead of a bungee.  This results in a much tighter seal that is much less likely to implode.  The only downside to this is it is harder to put on than a bungee skirt, but would you rather have a skirt that is hard to put on or one that implodes below a waterfall?  To make this less of an issue, I leave my skirt on an old playboat with an XL cockpit when not in use, this keeps the skirt stretched enough that it is no longer a concern getting it on when I go boating.
The tunnel is fantastic.  It has two different fabrics, the lower section is designed to produce a tight seal and stay on even under great pressure.  The upper portion is a thinner, less restricting material that allows a paddler to move freely and breathe normally. 
Fellow Earth Science student and adventurer models the dual-fabric of skirt tunnel.

I have only had the skirt for a month or so, but it feels very robust and intuitively it seems like it will hold up in the long run.

This is the driest skirt I have used by far.


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