Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mermaid Kayak Utopia

A few weeks back I was in Hood River musing with an artist friend of mine, Lila Roo, on the idea bringing wild visual art and wild action sports together for some cutting edge goodness.  Our conversation started when we came upon an incredible collection of photos of the Jamaican surf team where most of the team is underwater, chilling, and someone is on top getting barreled or hanging ten.  The photos look totally photoshopped, but they're not.  Check them out here  

We decided to put a little something together and went out to the Lewis River to set up a scene on Lower Lewis Falls.  She happened to have a gold mermaid outfit with her, that she made by hand out of plastic bags, and we set her up next to the falls, tanning nonchalantly in the sunshine.  Meanwhile, I ran the falls a couple times, with our friends Mattie and Neal checking out various angles and holding onto the rope if it came to that.  I wish we could have gotten more stills, but the video is pretty sweet anyhow.  I set it to "intro" by The XX,  check it out:

Mermaid Utopia from Jacob Cruser on Vimeo.

We're looking forward to more crazy collaborations like this one, including some kayak/skate/ladies stuff with the Dogtown crew (who Lila knows down in LA).

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Fautrel Tebald said...

Hi guys,
Just found a Go-pro hero 2 in the durance river france.
the Go pro was totally broken but we managed to retrieve your video.
I saw "into the outside" stickers on your kayaks and try to contact you if you want your video back.

video are From July 2012 and all the river was near Briançon in High alps.

feel free to contact me at

Best regards