Friday, September 14, 2012

One Goal on the North Fork

Sometimes you need to set a goal to get something done.  Sometimes things just happen, but having a specific goal in mind just puts you on your game a little more somehow.  A couple weeks back, I made the annual Labor Day pilgrimage to the NF Payette for some classic steepness, great camping, hotsprings, and a huge crew, like always.  Speaking of which, if you're free on Labor Day, go to Banks.  Whether boating class 2 or class 5 or anything in between, there's stuff to had between the Main, the South Fork, and the North Fork, not to mention the great hiking and hot springs all around.

This year I had one goal and one goal only; a no portage, no roll top to bottom decent.  I nailed it, once, on day two.  Felt on top of the world!  Here are a couple pictures of me routing into Rock Drop in the midst of Jacob's Ladder with Dan Rubido hot on my tail. (Photo Credit:  Catherine Loke-  Thanks Cat!)

Not sure what my goal might be for next year; The Vertical Mile?  A No-brace, No-portage Run?  A Moonlight Middle Five?   An R2 top-to-bottom?  

Whatever it is, I'll set it, I'll try my hardest, and hopefully notch another goal off the list.

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