Friday, May 10, 2013

Lots to write about, no time to write here are some pictures

All shots by our friend Paul Thomson of "on the wildside photography".

He took a lot of shots at the creeking comp, so be sure to check out his website for shots of yourself in the next few weeks if you were there.   Also, he has entered a couple pictures into the bombflow contest.  If you like what you see, give him some love by liking his shots on the facebook.

If I get around to doing some writing, I'll tell the story of after the raft hit the pool.

This rainbow had ambitions of being somewhere over Lucas Reitman, who obliged.

Jeff can get it done in all sorts of craft, he just has to remember to secure the thigh straps next time.

  Have a great weekend, Into the Outside will be on the road to Rainier.


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