Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bend Trip: meadowcamp, triple crown and booty beer ammendment

all photos: Nate Merrill
Headed over to Bend to knock off a few sections during low water in the Willamette valley. Deschutes was at 1200 cfs which was a sweet level. Started at Lava falls and continued through Lava falls. It was a pretty eventfull trip in which the Triple crown was completed in a raft for what may have been the second time. We also had a serious beatdown in Barry's Backender(Lava 2) in which I missed a throwbag toss that was not a good time to do that. Luckily Nate stepped up and was able to connect before the swimmer was taken into a log. That sat really badly with me so I tried to redeem my karma with my first legal booty beer. Obviously the best way to fix this would be to go practice throw-bagging, so I think I will do this, but I think this is a good addition to the booty beer rule. Miss a throw or drop the ball in a safety situation=booty beer. I plan to train to the point where this is never a concern again, so hopefully I get the chance to forget that rule. I'm sorry again to the swimmer, and thanks Nate for doing what had to be done.
The rest of the trip was great as we headed through what must be one of the best backyard runs in Oregon, the Meadowcamp run into Bend. Lots and lots of read and run IV-IV+. Highlights included the entire run. A couple of boulder gardens near the end warranted a scout and one required a short walk. Super fun run even at ~500 cfs.
Myself running the most dynamic drop on Meadowcamp
Anna in the lower half of "Darnit"
The water coming from the pipe had us worried, it was not as big an issue as we anticipated though.
Jeff Compton and Dan Mccain stepped up to the Triple crown running Lava, Dillon, and Benham all in one day with absolutely phenomenal lines. They also ran Dillon strictly off verbal beta as neither had seen pictures and light was waning. I sent them off the center left, which they greased. Benham was beyond smooth. I think Dan only took 7 strokes in the whole rapid because they were on line so perfectly. Lava was not the monster we were expecting and everyone had stellar lines.
Dan and Jeff on their way to completing the Triple Crown.
Lava Falls
All Photos: Nate Merrill
When the water disappears west of the Cascades, head to Bend!


Christina Russell said...

Great photos! Glad you enjoyed Bend! Not many paddlers come to visit so we Bendites have it all to ourselves he he ;)
Just thought I would give ya some beta: The triple crown has been done multiple times by locals in Bend at a juicy flow of 2000 cfs.
For future runs: you would enjoy class five Dillon, Lava, Meadow and Benham at 1800+ cfs. Note- Meadow is the most mellow of these sections at 1800cfs. Everything else is class five. Just wanted to spread the beta on to you so if you come back at a higher flow, you know what to expect! :) Glad you guys had such fun!

Jacob said...

Thanks for the beta Christina! I wasn't claiming the Triple Crown was a first time thing. I know my dad was part of a triple crown descent 15+ years ago in a raft and I know it was done even further back in kayaks. As well as you Bendites getting it done on a regular interval.
I am planning on returning and maybe seeing some of the creeks you guys have out there in the sisters area!