Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Secret Stash

Photos: Nick Hymel

Nick, Alex and I took a trip into the hills looking for a low water adventure. Armed with wetsuits and tubes, we set out to explore the ""secret stash". Discovered by an older generation of boaters, they kept this slice of whitewater in obscurity. One can only imagine why, maybe they wanted to have somewhere to go only they knew of, maybe they wanted to make sure the access stayed open, I like to think they left it so others could explore it and figure it out for themselves. It was a bit of a drive from Gresham, luckily the gates were all open and we drove straight to the take out bridge. This is what we found:

15 foot ramp to 30 foot free-fall was my estimate after looking from base and lip.

Tubing in the crux section, upstream of the falls.

Alex, between a rock and a soft place.

The entrance falls into the crux section. A possible line exists right where Alex is, not very confident it actually goes though.

Portaging not feasible on river-left, maybe on the right?
all photos by Nick Hymel.

Alex finished the day with a solid showing on the tube. Running every tube-able drop plus some...


Unknown said...

Are gates open for hunting season now? Got some things to look at too.

Jacob said...

I know in the coast range gates are usually open in November/October. Secret Stash is open year round except for snow as I bet you were already aware. But I think we have a few more weeks till we can get past the hunter gates.

Unknown said...

Nope, haven't figured out the Secret Stash location. I think I might have a guess for your mission coming up though.