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Beaver Creek Falls, OR


Stream:  This is usually run as a park and huck, but there is another rapid or two upstream and while wood is present in the creek downstream from the falls you could continue on if you liked.  There is even a bridge half mile downstream of the parking area.

There is a trail to the base of the falls from the parking area for safety and media.  Boaters carry their gear up the road and find a way down to river level above the falls.  Scouting is easily done from the lip on river right before putting on.

At low flows a shallow lip complicates the take off, so the more water the better.  It has been run middle, but close to the right bank is most common.

It's worth having someone in the pool below as swims can easily result in lost gear as it takes off downstream.

If you want to do laps its reasonable to walk back up on river left.

Flows:  The photos on this page were taken with the Nehalem @ Vernonia  at 2000cfs and the Naselle at 2500cfs.  That is the bare minimum and the shallow lip was still a problem.  The higher the better on this one.

Access:  Take exit 36 off of I5 just south of Kelso.Take 432 west for about 4.5 miles and turn left at a light onto 433/Oregon Way.  Cross over the Columbia and turn right onto Hwy 30.  5 miles later turn right onto Beaver Falls Rd where you will begin to parallel the stream.  And in another 3.7 miles the parking area for the falls will be on your left.  From here follow the trail to the base of the falls to scout, then walk up the road to run the falls.  There are other put ins and take outs if you want a longer run but most people just do the falls.

Original Write-up


 ~as told by Andrew Bradley

The first time I scouted Beaver Creek Falls was two years ago when a bunch of friends and I were in search of a respectable sized waterfall to step up too. Beaver is a short 45 minute drive from Portland, it lies just off Highway 30 outside of Longview, WA. After the massive amount of snow and rain the northwest received just the week before, we decided to rally a crew and head to the infamous 45ft. tall Beaver Creek Falls! Upon arrival, the falls seemed to look like a runnable level and the group started to get excited. Further investigation of the lip however would suggest that complications could arise.  It was determined that yes, paddling over the falls would be fine and it is definitely "running". However...the speed you would gain approaching the drop mixed with the shallowness of the lip could make for some interesting lines; and sure enough...interesting lines were had! Here are two gauges you can use as an idea Nehalem @ Vernonia was at 2000cfs and the Naselle was at 2500cfs.

Ben Mckenzie, Jacob Cruser and Andrew Bradley scouting the lip of Beaver!
 Photo Credit: Patrick Heindel

The lip at a closer glance.
Photo Credit: Taylor Hazen

Tony Skriv taking the 45ft plunge as Jacob Cruser waits in the pool below.
Photo credit: Patrick Heindel

Andrew Bradley hucking and tucking after getting hung up on the lip.
Photo Credit: Chris Bensch

   The video Taylor made of the day.

Beaver Creek Falls from Rogue Specimens on Vimeo.


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