Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Opal Gorge: Spring 2014

Into the Outside has taken a short break from updates to start the year. To get things rolling again we will have an extra post this week. Nate has got a TR queue'd up from his time down in Mexico for the main post.

For today we have a quick video of Opal Gorge on the Little North Santiam. There has been some discussion lately about the innocuous rapid just below the Undertaker called "Six Feet Over".

Here the river pinches down and splits around a boulder. The right side is a good 6' boof at some flows, but missing the boof and having the bow directed right has resulted in multiple pins. These haven't been very dangerous yet, but is certainly something to avoid. This video shows the left side line that we often take (which has it own obstacles).

This was Priscilla's first time down the gorge and she did great.


Opal Gorge: Winter, 2014 from Jacob Cruser on Vimeo.


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