Thursday, February 13, 2014


Whenever I hear someone say Wiley Creek an image pops into my head of Nate with his fist raised, crying out "Wiiileeeey!!!" similar to the way Simpsons character Mcbain cries out "Mendoza!!!"

I talked to Nate after doing this TR and he informed me the original comes from star trek.  Clip shown below.


That image came about after we had been thwarted yet again by this reputed mediocre creek in the Mid-Willamette Valley on a day other good stuff was in.  Nate had been jonesing for Canyon Creek but Anna had cast a charm by posting on the Facebook and convincing us that Wiley would put a smile on our faces.

We ended up giving up that day when confronted with low water and a gate.  It was one of those days everything went wrong and after hiking off a different run, cracking a boat, and various other mayhem we all had a sour feeling towards Wiley (except Anna).  This culminated in Nate raising his fist to the sky and and proclaiming to the world he would never have another day of kayaking impeded by Wiley Creek.

  I finally got on Wiley last weekend at what I thought was an optimal flow.  While the gauge read 1 cfs, I felt it was closer to 1000 cfs.  Walking with a boat is always a pain, but the low elevation gain, nicely graveled road and no wrong turns made this 3 mile hike less painful than most.

The creek itself is class III-IV with some wood and a couple of low end class Vs.  On this trip the bigger drops had wood but I am of the opinion a good team portage can be just as enjoyable as running the rapid.

On this trip I felt there was only 1 mandatory wood portage along with a couple more that were users choice.

I won't divulge too much about the creek as part of its appeal is being a rarely run Mid-Willamette Valley creek that doesn't have a saturation of pictures on the web.

I had no idea what to expect going in because of a wide range of reviews.  The take away message I got was that people who ran it low disliked it, people who ran it with abundant flows thought highly of it.

If you have seen everything else and want to see check out something new, head to Wiley creek, it'll leave you with a smile.

Wiley Creek with the CCC from Jacob Cruser on Vimeo.

Last thing, don't take out at Cascade.  The mile below and down to the next bridge is delightful when the flows are up.


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